Whispering Eternity #2

Day 2

When I was young I was full of ideals and dreams. Ideals are like the stars, you can plot your coarse by them but you can’t necessarily attain them. Dreams can guide us through the tragedies of life towards happiness and fulfillment. Dreams are stepping stones to the future. When I was at university doing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture my dream was to use that degree to make a difference for world poverty. I wanted my life to count for something useful. It was right here that the first of my life’s miracles occurred. My father had died 6 weeks before the University entrance examination and I had given away the hope of passing year 12 for that year and so did no study whatsoever. I did, however, sit the examination. On the strength of my Biology mark I gained enough tpo get my University Entrance Certificate. I was off to university and an important waltz with destiny.

But before all that occurred there were bigger issues at hand, that struggled for my attention. Issues like “The meaning of Life.” “If there is a God, why is the world the way it is? I had Huge and multiple unanswered questions! Finding the answers to those questions took my life in a new direction
I set out on a path with high ideals and then found myself down roads I never expected to travel. There have been many miraculous leadings and truly amazing events that I can’t explain any other way except by way of providence. They have often clustered around the difficult times in my life and there were four years that were particularly thick with them.

I don’t believe God intended or caused me to go down the road of death, divorce, bankruptcy and some of the other evil events that have crossed my path. Like Esther, in the Old Testament, who found herself in a situation she should never have gotten into? She should never have been into the Kings Harem, and she should not have found herself married to a pagan king. These things were forbidden to a “good” Israelite. But God was able to take that mistake and use it for His purpose and good. Equally, when I put my hands on my head and cried out saying “ how did my life get to here” and As I compare the story of Esther with my own life events it was as if God was saying to me “now that you are here let me show you what I can do with this situation.”

So this is my story. My search for meaning. I have called it ‘Whispering Eternity’ from the title of a poem I wrote while at University.

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