Whispering Eternity #22

Day 22.

IN the parable of life we discussed yesterday we mentioned that we often force out of our lives the very one who could help us. On the opposite end of the scale, some even try and work their way to God through spiritual gymnastics like more Bible study or prayer, but, while being good things in themselves and correct disciplines for the spiritual life, this does not work as a means of gaining salvation. We are not saved by how much knowledge we can amass or by how many hours a week we can spend in prayer.

Jesus said… “This is life eternal, to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3.) “I am the way the truth and the life.” (John 14:6.) This is the most comprehensive claim that Jesus ever made. On other occasions He had said ‘I am the Door’ or ‘I am the true vine’ or ‘I am the Good shepherd’ or ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ or just ‘I am’. But this was the lot. He didn’t claim to show us the way, or to prepare a way, or make a way for you or even to open a way, but He said ‘I am the way’. We do not need a way to the way!

This is a staggering claim. He didn’t claim to point the way to God, or to bring the truth about God, or to show the life in God, but He claimed to BE the way the truth and the life. Before Christians were called Christians the were called “The People of the Way.”(See e.g. Acts 9:2)

Whether you realize it or not all mortal flesh is on a search, consciously or unconsciously for three things. 1) The way to go and how to get there 2) The truth to accept and 3) the life to live eternally. Jesus is the answer to all these. To know “the Way” brings peace because there is no longer the frustration of trying to get there by our effort and that brings peace. What’s more this “way” has a solid provable foundation upon which to build a faith that is not blind. (See my “Evidences” SMS devotional.)

Have you ever stopped in an unfamiliar city to ask directions and then been given detailed instructions and still got lost? It is much better if someone says, “I know the way follow me”. Then there is no possibility of getting lost. We are relieved of the stress of wondering and we can be at peace.

Jesus didn’t give us instructions about the way, He is the way. The gospel is not good advice it is good news. Advice is about something I should do; good news is about something already done. Christ has made a way of escape, He is the way of escape and what we cannot earn or win, Christ offers to us as a gift. Eternal life! That is good news not good advice. It is a Gift. (Romans 6:23)

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