Whispering Eternity #26

Day 26.

How little do men understand what took place at Calvary! How little do they understand who was on trial that night! Here was a man who had his feet pierced for the wrong places we have been, a man who had his hands pierced for the wrong things we have done, a man who wore a crown of thorns for the wrong things we have thought, a man who had his side pierced for the wrong things we have kept near our hearts, a man who had His back lashed for the wrong burdens we have born, a man who thirsted for the wrong things we have desired, a man, our God, who suffered a human death because of the wrong thing we are.

This is the greatest miracle, and I thank God for Calvary! And when I see it, see it as it really is, a gift of God for one so unworthy as I, it breaks my proud hard heart, it softens and subdues my restless nature, and when I hear Him say “Father forgive them! “ I know he means me and I know He means you.

I often think back and remember all the things my father did for me, the places we went, the Golf games we played, the money he spent, the times he helped me and talked with me about life, He loved me, but they were things I never acknowledged. He was just “the old man” that I took for granted.

As I had watched his coffin going through the curtain into the crematorium I realized it was too late to tell him I loved him, but even though I was 16 I was not afraid to tell my friends by the tears in my eyes. Tears my father had never seen, I had left it too late and the separation was now timeless.

I am glad however, that I did not leave it too late for my Father in heaven. The bible is clear. This is the time to decide. Shut out from your mind every scene but Calvary, every voice but His. You decide in the full light of the cross. You decide on the edge of eternity, you decide while He waits, but do it before another day passes you by!

Yes! Life is a question that demands an answer. If Calvary cannot move us to decide then God has no other resource because all heaven was poured out there. The prophet Isaiah once cried out “Is it nothing to all you who pass by!” That’s how I feel often with Calvary, as I struggle to present this wonderful message to people that cross my path. What are you going to do with this man called Christ? Don’t cast aside the greatest decision of life to pursue false hopes and dreams that are just like the illusive butterfly of happiness.

God is not so concerned about your ability as He is about your availability.

History is fast drawing to a close, is your life like driftwood, swept onto the shores of time to be gathered by the returning tide and lost in the ocean of eternity for ever? Or will you be among the group that stands on the sea of glass singing the song of the redeemed “Glory to the Lamb.” Soon time will turn on its hinge and become eternity! Where will you be?

The short cut to understanding the meaning of life is to sit at the feet of Jesus, listen to His words, accept His free offer (even if you don’t understand it) and enter through the door of salvation opened by His grace.

Life is the place and time where we make our decisions for eternity, eternity has no clock, decisions belong to time and the time is now!

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