Whispering Eternity #36

Day 36.

Yesterday we were contemplating earth’s atmosphere. Without this blanket type atmosphere, the temperature on earth during the day would be 110 degrees C. At night it would be -110 degrees C. In fact, our planet would be like the moon is now which is the same distance from the sun as we are but with no atmosphere.

Earth’s atmosphere turns out to be the most practical; most efficiently and most amazingly well engineered world life shields imaginable. It speaks to me about the quality, genius and craftsmanship of its engineer

Have you ever felt under pressure? Our atmosphere weighs 5 quadrillion tons which accounts for about 2kg for every sq cm of the body. Fortunately for us there is an equal pressure pushing out. (For some of us it may appear that more is pushing out!). If the outside pressure were increased our blood would become warmer, even to the point of boiling. If the pressure were reduced, we would start bulging. (No global warming hasn’t reduced the atmospheric pressure; you’ve just eaten too much!).

I could go on and on about things like the oxygen cycle, the water cycle and other cycles, my point has been to demonstrate to you the miraculous nature of not only life, but our on going survival, and to point out that this earth is an amazingly well suited human habitation created by God for our comfort. It is a self-maintaining space ship, where heating, lighting and our water supply are provided free. Our water and air are constantly recycled and purified by distillation and photosynthesis and then both of these are used to cleanse the earth by rainfall and wind.

Is this all amazing or is it coincidence? I could have discussed the laws of entropy and thermodynamics which defied the evolutionary theory of an upward development, because these laws say the universe is winding down not up, e.g. heat always becomes cold and energy is constantly being lost from the system. How is it that we can be told that rockets, planes, computers and dictionaries are the product of genius and hard work, yet we who are infinitely more complex are the product of chance? I don’t think so!

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  • Patricia
    Posted at 15:31h, 16 April Reply

    I also don’t think so.

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