Whispering Eternity #42

Day 42.

We have been considering the trillions of operations that your brain engages in per second, in order to maintain your life and sanity. It might be worth a quick review of that as I continue.

Your sense of smell goes beyond the world of quantifiable physics and approaches mystery. Your nose can detect one garlic molecule in the waftage of 50,000 other molecules. Humans are capable of distinguishing 10,000 different odours.

A mere gram of brain tissue may contain as many as four hundred billion synaptic junctions. As a result, each cell can communicate with every other cell at lightning speed – as if a population far larger than the earth’s were linked together so that all the inhabitants could talk at once. The brains total number of connections rivals the stars and galaxies of the universe. It is as if there were ten billion bureaucrats constantly ringing each other about plans and instructions for keeping a country running. Every nerve cell in the brain has up to ten thousand of its own private lines!

Then I said to myself, if this is all going on in my head, consider then Him who is infinite and in whose image we are made. If the brain between my ears can, with blinding speed, process 5 trillion actions per second how many prayers can God listen to per second. The answer is – I don’t know, but I have been taken to the edge of the chasm and bid to look beyond.

So, Is God great to the point of absolute infinity or is He not? If God is great to the point of absolute infinity, it follows, beyond all controversy that there is no stick or stone in all the universe of which He is not perpetually aware and conscious.

To put it in other words – if there is a feather or a straw blowing about in the solar system, which has for a fraction of a second, eluded His knowledge or escaped His observation, then, by just that amount, His greatness falls short of infinity. If therefore, I do really believe that God is not only great enough to be the generator of Universes and creator of everything, but great enough to be infinite, then I cannot help believing that no sparrow falls to the ground without his notice and that the very hairs of my head are all numbered! And just as every cell must relate to my body and remain in communication with it, so must I & so can I remain in contact with Him who made all these things, knows all things, hears my every word and even knows the thoughts and intents of my heart. He even hears my “spirit groaning’s that are unutterable”. So I no longer go to the empty shrine, my spirit connects with the infinite to whom I can come boldly because of his Son who died for me. Over the next 3 days I will share 3 stories to illustrate how God communicated specifically with me. 505


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