Whispering Eternity #48

Day 48.

The old Testament is a compendium of people who had varied walks with God. David journaled, that’s why we have so many Psalms. I like Hebrews 11’s summary of the Old Testament saints. Heaven’s hall of fame I’ve heard it said, but as I read it I say to myself “Hey I know these guy’s stories, and it wasn’t all as good as Paul is saying here; they committed some unfaiths too. They lied, murdered, cheated, wandered in the desert and complained to God about their situations repeatedly.” Ah, but they related, they sought God (but not always first.). They were travelers (pilgrims) in this world on their way to a better country, a heavenly one (Heb.11:10). Join their throng! You don’t have to be leading it only part of it. You don’t have to win the race, only finish it. Even last is OK with God as long as you get in the race, run the race and keep your eyes on the finish line. (read Heb 12:1-3). Some days you will feel like you are running last, but just hang in there. Heaven is not based on your works but His! We are not saved by faith plus works but a faith that works. Trusting through the ups and downs (but especially the downs) works, I’ve tried it.

There is no formula set down in scripture for how you must relate to God just the principle of seeking Him first. The early morning Bible study and prayer thing is fine for some (It was Jesus habit and example) but what works for others does not need to be a guilt trip for you. The Bible does not even say your relationship with heaven and therefore your salvation is dependent on daily Bible readings. Heaven will be populated (On my guess) by 90% illiterate people. However, like the little boy in the story of the 5000 who gave Jesus the little he had and the task was done. Relate to God in your own way, be yourself, love Him, serve Him in your own way. Don’t allow others to guilt trip your walk with God with things you are not capable of. He wants you just the way you are. Any changes are his work not others. That’s the essence of my prayer journey.

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