Whispering Eternity #62

Day 62.

There is hardly ever achievement without failure. The question of the possibility of failure should not erase what we attempt to achieve. When contemplating the future, we should ask ourselves “If my perception and response to failure were changed what would I attempt to achieve.” Being able to fail forward is the ability to look beyond by changing our perception of failure.

The Christian mentality sometimes is that we don’t make mistakes (sin) but Hebrews 11 puts flight to that idea. Many of God’s greats made great mistakes and that mostly in the area of personal failure, but they were still able to keep the bigger picture in mind and function in the realm of God’s grace. There is even a great marriage failure recorded in the book of Hosea.

Isolated situations are only scenery along the journey of life and a little further down the road the scenery will change. Every one of us will experience a list of death, separation, financial difficulties or business failures, marriage break down or other interpersonal disruption. In fact, I am qualified to speak on every one of these. Everybody at some time fails, errs, makes mistakes or has bad things happen to them. So, in view of this here are some rules for being human. View your mistakes as lessons and remember the lesson may have to be repeated until you have learned it. You will know when you have learned the lesson, when your actions change. Tragically pain is one of the universes ways of getting our attention.

If failure is a process, then so is success. Success is not a destination it is a journey; it is how we deal with life along the way. Did you know that entrepreneurs almost never get their first business off the ground? Or their second, or their third. According to the research that has been done entrepreneurs fail on average 3.8 times in business before they make it! A real look at life demonstrates that it often takes adversity to create success.

Failure is the fertilizer of life building successes. The person who never makes a mistake takes his orders from someone else! An old proverb says, “It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose the cow,” Misfortunes and mistakes are the spilled milk, but we need to learn to keep our perspective and keep the big picture in focus. Did you know that 80% of life happens between our ears? People who fail forwards can see errors and negative experiences as a regular part of life and they learn to move on from these and persevere in order to achieve purpose in life. It was Washington Irvine who once said, “great minds have purposes, others have wishes.”

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  • David Browning
    Posted at 16:44h, 14 May Reply

    yes very true. i wonder if jesus would have acted differently had he known the awful
    death he was to face ?

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