Whispering Eternity #67

Day 67.

Consider this illustration of what I have been trying to say. A young bride travelled with her husband to the Californian desert during WWII. Because she had grown up in the east, the desert seemed remote and desolate. Where they lived didn’t help any either. They had just a shack close to some native Indians who couldn’t even speak English.

She spent long periods alone in the sweltering heat. Her husband was gone for long periods. Finally, she wrote her mother that she was coming home because she couldn’t stand it any longer. A few days later her mother’s reply came and it was simply this “ TWO MEN LOOKED OUT FROM PRISON BARS, ONE SAW MUD THE OTHER STARS”

This helped her to see things more clearly. Maybe she could improve her circumstances. She made friends with the Indians, she began to weave and do pottery. She took time to explore the desert where she discovered its natural beauty. All of a sudden, she was living in a new world. And what was the only thing that had changed? Yes, her attitude.

There were once three people visiting the Grand Canyon, an artist, a minister, and a cowboy. As they all stood on the edge of the abyss each responded with a cry of awe. The artist said, “Ah what beautiful scenery to paint!” The minister said, “what a wonderful example of the handiwork of God!” while the cowboy said, “Man what a terrible place to lose a cow!” The same situation, but three different responses. Three Attitudes!

If your circumstances constantly get you down then maybe its time for a change, not in your situation but in your attitude. Ours is a world where people don’t seem to know what they want yet are prepared to go through hell to get it. The big qualities that make a difference in life are attitude and persistence. This is what people like the Wright brothers, Macey, Edison, and Einstein had. Jesus himself said “He that preservers to the end will be saved “Matt24: 13. So it seems that persistence is an important spiritual quality that affects our eternal destiny!!!! It is the little difference that makes a big difference.

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