Whispering Eternity #88

Day 88.

When the solar system we inhabit is burned, and “melts with fervent heat,” as 2Peter 3:10-12 says, to us who are traveling through some galaxy, maybe Andromeda, on our way to “a better country, a heavenly one”, (Heb 11:13-16) it will be barely visible. The burning earth will appear as a match flaring faintly in the distance for but a moment. Peter tells us we are pilgrims and strangers On the earth (1 Pet 2:11) Heb 12 reminds us of the great crowd of witnesses seeking that heavenly home!
Are you part of the throng – are you still on the journey?

One day, even Jesus second coming will be a memory, and then what? Curtain will be drawn on this planet in rebellion. Then through the ceaseless ages of eternity we will “remember no more” the things that would give us pain. Bad experiences, missing loved ones, death, dying, sickness – all will be forgotten, and our tears wiped away. (Rev 21:4) Planet earth, in its rebellious stage, will seem just like an inconvenient night in an unpleasant hotel.

When it says the “Former things come into remembrance” (Eccl 1:11) does that worry you? Our Lives can be from “Everlasting to everlasting” or as “The grass of the field” or like the “flower that flourishes, passes away and shall not even be remembered.” Ps 103: 15-18. James talks of the “shadow that appears for a little while.” When time turns on its hinge and becomes eternity, your life can be from “everlasting to everlasting” or just / blip on the radar screen of eternity. We will not remember those things that will give us pain. The pain of loved ones who didn’t make it will be “wiped away” and as the ceaseless ages of eternity roll they will become, to use computer terminology, “file not found’. Gone! The Choice is yours. The outcome of your choice offered to us as a gift in Jesus is eternal life. The alternative is “eternal destruction from the presence of the Lord.” (2Thess1:9) So what is the meaning of life that I searched for 50 years ago? It is simply this: Life is the place and time where we make our decisions for eternity. Eternity has not clock, decisions belong to time, and the time is now.

Paul says in Philipians 2:10 “the day is coming when every knee = bow and acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God. “Every Knee” whether saved or lost, even lucifer himself – those above the earth and on the earth !! So I say unto you – if then why not now! God Bless you all!

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