Whispering Eternity #97

Day 97.

I would like to offer you my newest SMS daily devotional called “Evidences.” This is a series you can share with your Agnostic or atheistic friends. It will even strengthen your own faith. This series will begin in a month or so. If we are going to follow the evidence if will take time. I can’t snap my fingers and say here is the answer, because the answer is a process. In the end, the evidence will overwhelm you. The five minutes of time it will take you each day could reap infinite results, so ask yourself if it is worth the effort. Here’s a table of contents of where we will be going with this series.
The Evidence for God.
The Atheists Challenge.
Evidence for the Bible
How did we get the Bible?
Can we Trust the Bible?
Ancient Scrolls Confirm the Book.
The Spade Confirms the Book.
Evidence from Prophecy.
Evidence for the rebellion
a) Why Did God Create a Devil?
b) Star Wars and the Biblical Narrative.
A Planet in Rebellion – The Big picture
Evidence for Creation and the Flood.
Creation vs Evolution.
A Brief History of Israel. (Purpose)
Evidence for The Historical Jesus.
The 300+ Prophecies Concerning Jesus from Ancient Scrolls.
Evidence for the Resurrection.
Evidence for The Second Coming and rebellions curtain call.
This is a faith building Daily devotional by SMS and is designed for sharing. It will include some optional Zoom meetings for discussion.

Register here: 0474591841

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