Everyday Promises – 235

A brighter tomorrow

The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; … Isa 25:8NIV
This amazing promise gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow. Our world is bundled up with the struggles of life, common to all mankind. Death, sickness, crying, pain, worries and regrets weigh down every heart. Believing in Jesus brings hope and comfort even in our saddest moments. His words give us strength to keep walking the weary miles. However, one day Jesus will come in the clouds as he promised, and a new day will dawn. Our tears will be wiped away for the last time. No sadness will marr our life with the King of Kings. Continual happiness will be our constant companion. Keep waiting, keep trusting, for that day will surely come.

photo by ekrulila-pexels

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